Bring Your Brand To the Future of Visitor Management

Modernize visitor management

Companies will always receive visitors and customers in their lobby. Modernize your visitor management with LobbyBase with intelligent features that enhance security, collect feedbacks and notifies hosts. LobbyBase is the Visitor Management for the modern-day lobby enabling you to welcome your guests with sophisticated iPad sign-in and smart security.

LobbyBase Benefits

Easy visitor pre-registration 
Easy visitor registration
Easy visitor check-in/out 
Enhanced security watch lists  
Emergency evacuation list  
In-depth data analysis
On the fly reporting on data

LobbyBase Key Features

Simple sign-in process

Digital visitor log

Multiple sign-in flows

Digital legal documents



Badge printing

LobbyBase transforms the way you collect feedbacks and expedites your decision-making processes. The solution does not only welcome your guests, but you also learn your guests' behavior and preferences