The Leading Event Management Technology for Smart Planners



Event planning is just one part of the puzzle - planners need a smart event platform to delight guests, impress sponsors and deliver an immersive event.


The LobbyBase Event Platform helps planners transform their events into immersive experiences which increases satisfaction and create memorable events.


Differentiate your events with LobbyBase unique features

We integrate live polling, crowd-sourced content, social wall, smart learning, in-depth reporting and data analytics into our robots event management app.  LobbyBase puts you in total control of your digital strategy, enabling you to create, manage and optimize end-to-end guest experience that puts you ahead of the competition.


Customized Event Landing and Registration Page

  •  Speakers Profile
  •  Event Schedule
  •  Event Venue
  •  Multiple Ticket Options
  •  Promotional Code
  •  Registration Form
  •  Online Creditcard Payment
  •  Auto Email Confirmation
  •  Email Blasting
  •  Add-on Features/Services
  •  Custom Domain
  •  Breakout Session Booking
  •  Any system customization