Simple, Powerful, Smart Employee Tracking

Say goodbye to manual time entry on paper timesheets. Businesses around the world rely on LobbyBase for our 5-star cloud-based time tracking app to Control how their employees clock in and out hourly — via iPad, mobile, or laptop - all of which are easy to use and integrate automatically with payroll.

Flexible Reporting

Our flexible reporting methods support a variety of employees — Employees can check-into work via the iPad using their badge or mobile phone as soon as they are in the lobby or at any of the entries into your organization


The LobbyBase dashboard is your go-to time-tracking center. Wherever you are, see who’s clocked in and out in real-time, view a snapshot of hours worked each pay period, and access an audit log of corrections made to time entries from your phone, iPad or computer. Your dashboard keeps you on top of the hours so nothing slips through the cracks.

Minimize Compliance Risks and Fraud

Enjoy built-in compliance features, guard against fraud with our facial recognition iPad app, which snaps pictures of employees as they clock in and out or as they check-in to third-party work sites with our geo-location sensitive mobile apps